Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who's in the Lark Quartet these days?

We know some of you out there may be a bit confused about the Lark Quartet and who we are and what we're doing. Following are some of the questions we've been answering. . .
  • "Are you still a quartet?"
  • "What's this Chamber Artists?"
  • "Are there men in the quartet now?"
  • "Are all of you involved in each concert?"
So where do I start?

1. Members: Deborah Buck on 1st violin (Debbie and I joined the same year in 2003), Basia Danilow on 2nd violin, me (Kathryn Lockwood) on viola and Caroline Stinson on cello.

2. Of course we're still a quartet. We just love to collaborate and offer programs with artists that we work with on a regular basis.

3. The men in the photos: Yousif Sheronick on percussion, Stephen Salters on Baritone and Todd Palmer on Clarinet. They're fabulous musicians. And no - we don't all play/sing each concert. We have different programs for each collaborator.

4. Lark Chamber Artists: this was a name we tried out for a couple of years, but it was hard to shake the 25 year old name "The Lark Quartet" - hence our return to Lark Quartet. BUT thanks to our terrific board member Arthur Lubow, we now have a new logo:

So that's who's in the Lark Quartet these days.


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