Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Re-entry After a Summer Afternoon

Taken by Basia in Vermont
by Basia Danilow

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me these have always been the two most beautiful words in
the English language.”
- Henry James 

“Re-entry” is my word of choice to describe delving into fall and the concert season ahead. Although summer is full of wonderful music, it does take us out of our routine, often to some beautiful places where we can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. We are able to spend unhurried time with family and friends and somehow, there seem to be more hours in the day. Certainly, more daylight hours!

Though the Lark Quartet spends a huge amount of time together, during the summer we also spend time apart, performing, directing and teaching at our various festivals. This allows a great opportunity to connect with other colleagues and have different musical experiences. These opportunities help to generate new ideas, refresh, and re-energize. It also has the wonderful side-effect of renewing my already great respect and appreciation for my Lark Quartet colleagues.

A relaxed, refreshed, re-energized and renewed "re-entry". These are all good things as we ease ourselves, and our families, back into familiar routines, plunging into rehearsal and preparation for a busy, exciting concert season ahead!

Basia Danilow - Violinist of the Lark String Quartet

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