Saturday, November 15, 2014

Behind the Scenes of Lark's Latest Tour

Behind the Scenes of Lark's Latest Tour

Kathryn Lockwood:

"Off we go - yay!!" says my daughter Surriah. The tour begins with a flight to Nashville, TN.

Caroline Stinson:

As we prepare for our first concert at Ward Hall in Nashville, TN, Surriah gives me some stickers! Such a delight to have her with us.

Basia Danilow:

Inside Christ Church Cranbrook. This church is absolutely magnificent! It was so peaceful and inspiring and I was glad to have some time to just walk around, reflect and admire the incredible architecture and craftsmanship. I didn't know Debbie was snapping photos!

It was exciting to look out into that beautiful space later and see our wonderful audience.

Basia Danilow:

We only had one day without a concert but still had a flight that evening. What to do, what to do.....? Head to Slows of course! Delicious! Just the thing to warm up on a cold rainy day and a snack of leftover Slows chicken on the flight later was undoubtedly better than pretzels!

Love this place, and their sauces!

Caroline Stinson:

Basia and I checking out the natural sponges at the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, FL on the day of the last concert.

Kathryn Lockwook:

Yousif looking pretty relaxed hanging out with four pretty girls! We once again enjoyed our ongoing collaboration with him.

Deborah Buck:

Here I am back stage warming up for the Tarpon Springs, FL concert. Kathryn knows I hate my picture taken, but caught me anyway! My smirk says it all. I am trying, however, to accept the fact that pictures are good things, especially for family and friends who are often far away.

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