Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Memories of a Premier

On April 22nd, LARK and guest pianist Jeremy Denk performed at Merkin Hall. We played a little Jennifer Higdon, some Mendelssohn, Schumann, and premiered the Paul Moravec Piano Quintet. It is amazing to me that the concert was already two weeks ago! Our rehearsals going into this concert were quite intense and difficult. The Moravec proved to be well worth the work, but was certainly very challenging in the areas of rhythmic sense, and tonal balance. There was one bar in particular that was especially challenging--I actually had to resort to my Juilliard Ear-Training "Starer" clapping and "tahhing" technique in order to practice the rhythm AND had bad dreams about this bar for at least a week before the rehearsals! In the end, this bar could have been better in the concert, but was performed with all the effort and good intention possible! Next time we will nail it! I felt the Four Pieces for String Quartet by Mendelssohn got a good performance. I would love to try re-ordering them; just does not seem quite fulfilling to finish with the slow fugue. The Schumann was wonderful to play because it is simply gorgeous music that I will never get tired of humming. I do have this weird dream of snatching the viola out of the hands of my dear colleague, Kathryn and ripping into the luscious "C" string of the viola for the solo from the last part of the second movement....in a ridiculous way, of course. And now as I type this, this concert that seemed so huge in my mind has found its place inside of myself as a memory-It is such a privilege to get the opportunity to be challenged in a way that makes one look inward. I learned so much about the musician I am and hope to become. I am a better musician for having worked so hard, together with these wonderful musicians in order to perform this concert.
- DB

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