Monday, October 11, 2010


LARK welcomes Basia Danilow to the quartet.

In spite of our recent grueling preparation for our tour to California, Basia is performing like a quartet veteran! Kathryn, Carrie, and I are so pleased to have her on board. (Check out Basia's bio at www.larkquartet.com)

LARK has begun planning our goals for the coming season which include a recording of the Jennifer Higdon Piano Quintet with pianist, Gary Graffman. We will record this in November 2011 along with two other works by Jennifer Higdon for an all Higdon CD to be released by Bridge Records. This project will be largely funded through a Copland Recording Grant.

On a cuter note, Carrie and her husband Andrew Waggoner, had a beautiful baby boy in June! Yes, another LARK baby--that makes a total of six "baby LARK's". As always, we hope you are all having a great Fall season and that this news makes you smile. - DB

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